Veggies with Mad Dog BBQ Sauce



Prepare vegetables as follows: (Because each vegetable has a different density (hence grilling time), suggestions of blanching/parboiling, fresh, etc. will prepare each vegetable to finish grilling at the same time.) -Blanched zucchini & eggplant – sliced and cubed -Parboiled onions – small & whole -Raw bell peppers – cut into quarters, seeds removed and deveined -Fresh cherry tomatoes -Fresh mushrooms -Fresh corn on the cob – cut in 2 inch pieces. Combine all prepared vegetables in a bowl and mix well. Brush Mad Dog Original BBQ Sauce or Mad Dog Ultra Hot BBQ Sauce (based on your own taste preference) on all prepared vegetables, grilling 3 minutes on each side over medim heat of charwood (sugar maple wood). A hand-held grill basket allows easy control of temperatures by moving veggies toward and away from live fire as well as not having veggies fall through large grate openings.


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