The Reuben Sandwich

March 26, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

8 Tbsp. Wish-Bone® Thousand Island Dressing or Wish-Bone® Light Thousand Island Dressing
4 slices rye bread, lightly toasted
3/4 lb. thinly sliced corned beef
1 can (8 oz.) sauerkraut, drained
4 slices Swiss cheese

Preheat oven to 350°.
Spread 1 tablespoon Wish-Bone® Thousand Island Dressing on each bread slice. Equally top with corned beef, sauerkraut, remaining Dressing and cheese. Arrange on baking sheet. Bake 10 minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve, if desired, with pickles.

Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes(s)
Cook Time: 10 Minutes(s)


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