Stir Fried Beef And Spinach


1 1/4 lb. boneless beef round steak, fat trimmed off

2 tbsp. soy sauce

1/4 tsp. 5-spice powder

1/4 c. water

2 tsp. cornstarch

1/4 tsp. beef bouillon granules

1 tbsp. oil

1 tsp. ginger root

8 oz. fresh spinach leaves (6)

1/2 c. sliced water chestnuts


Cut beef in thin bite-size strips. Combine beef, soy sauce and spices; let stand at room temperature 5 minutes. In small bowl, blend water, cornstarch, add bouillon granules, set aside. Preheat wok or large skillet over high heat. Add oil. Stir fry ginger root 30 seconds. Add half of beef, fry 2 to 3 minutes until brown. Remove beef and stir fry the reset. Return all the beef to wok, stir in cornstarch and cook until thick and bubbly. Stir in spinach and chestnuts. Cook 1 to 2 minutes. Serve at once. 6 servings.


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