Smoked Turkey And Avocado Salad

November 27, 2020  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
1 kiwi fruit, pureed
1 tsp. curry powder or less
1 tsp. mayonnaise
1 lb. smoked turkey breast
6 sprigs dill
Lettuce leaves, sliced
2 to 3 med. ripe avocados, peeled and sliced
2 med. tomatoes, sliced and cut in half
Kiwi slices for garnish
Stir the kiwi fruit puree and curry powder into the mayonnaise; mix well and refrigerate. Arrange the turkey breast, avocado, and tomato slices alternately in a semi-circle around each serving plate. Serve with kiwi fruit mayonnaise and garnish with sprigs of dill, 1 or 2 pieces of lettuce and slices of kiwi fruit. Serves 6.


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