Smoked Boneless Pork Loin

January 14, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

1 5-7 lb boneless pork loin
2 Tbsp Cookies Flavor Enhancer
1 tsp ground ginger
1 cup Cookies Original Style Bar-B-Q Sauce
1 cup Cookies Western Style Bar-B-Q Sauce
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 Tbsp grated orange peel

We have found that using a Traeger Smoker or gas grill with wood chips works best. (Soak wood chips in water for 1-2 hours prior to use. Wrap in foil and poke several small holes in foil. Place foil directly on grate above burner to get the smoke affect.)

Smoke Loin using apple wood. Season loin with Cookies Flavor Enhancer and ginger mixture prior to smoking. Place loin in smoker at 250º for approx. 2 hours until internal temperature reaches 150º. Glaze lightly with heated mixture of Cookies Original and Western Style Bar-B-Q Sauce, maple syrup and grated orange peel. Save a portion of this glaze to serve with the loin when done. After glazing loin, keep in smoker until internal temperature reaches 155-158º. Remove and let set for 5-10 minutes. Serve with remaining glaze.


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