Ruffles ‘N Roses

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

12 in. Heart Pan
Tips: 2, 12
Tip: 14
Tip: 66
Tip: 104
Flower Nail No. 7
Italic Make-Any-Message Press Set
Willow Green, Ivory, Rose Petal Icing Colors
Buttercream Icing
With stiffened buttercream (or royal icing) make 2 two-tone roses using tips 12 and 104.

Ice 2-layer cake smooth. Imprint message using Italic Make-Any-Message Press Set. Outline message with tip 2, adding decorative build-up on some letters.

Edge cake top with tip 104 double ruffle. Trim center seam with tip 14 shells. At base, pipe tip 14 shells (to add dimension). Overpipe shells with shells with tip 104 ruffle. Trim edge of ruffle with tip 14 shells.

Pipe tip 2 vines. Add tip 104 half roses and rosebuds. Trim with tip 2 calyxes and sepals. Position roses. Pipe tip 66 leaves.

Serves 32.


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