Rotel Cheese Dip II

January 14, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
Description¬†Michelle Caponera submitted this recipe; she states I am frequently requested to make this for every event imaginable. It is excellent with tortilla chips, Frito’s as well as used to put over scrambled eggs and burritos. Experiment, I have no doubt you
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2 lb Loaf of Velveeta Cheese
2 Cans of Rotel Tomatoes and Chili’s (desired degree
of spiciness)
2 Small Cans of Diced Green Chili’s
1 Can Diced Jalapenos (optional)
Approx. 1-2 TBSP Garlic Powder
Dice the cheese and put in a large saucepan. Mix in all cans of chili’s and tomatoes at one time. Simmer over low-medium heat till cheese is melted and everything is mixing nicely. Stir in the garlic powder. If this seems a bit runny from the juices, you can put in a TSP or so of cornstarch to thicken the dip. This gets better each day it is refrigerated.


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