Quick Fruit Cobbler


l/4 lb. Butter or Oleo

l tsp. Baking Powder

l Cup Sugar

l Cup milk

l Cup Flour

Dash Salt


Melt butter in glass measuring cup and pour in 9 x l3 pan. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over melted butter.

Add l quart fruit pie filling. Don’t spread it on, just blob it all over. l quart is 2 cans of prepared fruit filling. If you use fresh fruit put your fruit, flour and sugar in pan and warm on low until it is almost thick. Use about 4 cups fruit, sugar about l-l/2 cups sugar, rhubarb use 2 cups sugar, and about 6 Tbs. flour. Pour the dry ingredients over the fruit and then warm until thickened. Then pour fruit over the butter and batter mix.

Bake l hour at 350 degrees. For larger pan make l-l/2 times this recipe.


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