Pancake lasagna

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Description This lasagna is made out of panckes. the end reuslt is delicious and extremely filling.
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Around 4 to 5

Minced beef

6 tomatoes or a can of tomatoes

6 mushrooms

1 onion

4 marrows


To make pancakes:

110g plain flour

1 egg

280ml milk


1) Add minced beef, tomatoes mushrooms, marrows, onion and any other vegtable that you wish to the saucepan and allow to cook. After cooked this will look like a sauce.

2) Make pancakes. Just mix the ingredients together and make around 8 pancakes.

3) Butter a dish and palce around 3 pancakes on the base and place some sauce and mozerella on the pancakes. Then add another layer of pancakes and once again add some sauce and mozerella. Finally add another layer of pancakes and some sauce over and cover the top layer with mozerella.

4) Place all this in the oven for 10 minutes (180 degrees)until the mozzerella melts.

Additional Tips
I would suggest that you add some salt and peper to the mixture if you wish the sauce to be more tasty. Further please make sure that you folow a good recipe of how to make pancakes, this is important.


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