Oktoberfest Pasta Sauce

March 3, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar


1 medium onion
1 green pepper
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 lb Lockhart sausage
1 large can (28 oz) plum tomatoes
1 small can tomato pasta
1 19 oz tomato sauce
Crushed dried Chile’s or hot sauce to taste
Herbs to taste
Half a bottle of beer

Dice the onion and green peper finely and saute’ in olive oil. Remove the skin from the sausages and cut into bite sized chunks; add to pan and increase heat to brown the meat. After the sausage has browned, add all the canned ingredients. If the tomatoes are whole, curush them into smaller bits with your fingers (add the juice as well). Stir until the paste dissolves, ad sompe spices. Simmer for about 30 minutes with the lid off. While the sauce is simmering, open the beer, pour half of it into the pot. When the sauce has finished simmering, increase the heat until the sauce just beings to boil Remove it from the heat and add the remaining beer, mixing well.

Serve immediately over pasta shapes or rice for a funky jambalaya. This is a big recipe. It can serve 6 easily with leftovers.


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