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Stand-Up Cuddly Bear Set
9 x 13 x 2 in. Sheet Pan
Tips: 1, 3, 12
Tips: 16, 362
Floral Collection Flower Making Set
Plastic Dowel Rods (6 pks.)
Wooden Dowel Rods
13 x 19 in. Cake Boards (3 needed)
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Teddy Bear Nesting Cutter Set
Decorator Brush Set
8 in. Straight Spatula
White florist tape
Hot glue gun
Sharp craft knife
Serrated knife
Craft block
1/8 in. wide satin ribbon (10 inches needed)
Form squares
Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, Rose, Brown, Black Icing Colors
Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant (2 pks.)
Buttercream Icing
3/4 in. gumball
1/2 in. gumballs (4 needed)
In advance, use cutters from flower making set to make all flowers in rose, yellow, blue fondant. Divide 1/2 pk. of fondant in thirds and tint. Make 60 pansies (20 in each color), 144 apple blossoms (48 in each color) and 144 forget-me-nots (48 in each color). Position flowers on foam and use rounded end of wooden stick from set to indent centers. Let dry; add tip 3 white dot centers. Set aside.

Bake and cool bear cake following instructions. Trim arms off bear cake. Ice inside ears and bottom of feet smooth with spatula. Pipe tip 3 eyes, nose and mouth (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Cover bear with tip 16 stars. Ice 2-layer sheet cake smooth on 13 x 19 in. cake board (support with dowel rods). Position bear on cake. Cut a 12 x 9 in. piece of fondant for blanket; tuck and drape in front of bear. Pipe tip 12 arms holding blanket; cover arms with tip 16 stars. Using buttercream, pipe row of rose, blue and yellow tip 362 stars on blanket; add tip 1 zigzag lines between stars. Randomly pipe tip 3 bead hearts on sheet cake.

To make crib: Using serrated knife, cut plastic dowel rods–16 pieces 8 in. long, 2 pieces 10 in. long, 4 pieces 7 1/4 in. long. Attach 8 in. rods to sides of cake with buttercream, approximately 2 1/4 in. apart. Glue two 7 1/4 in. rods together for each long side of top railing; attach 10 inch rods for short sides of top railings. Roll fondant into rope and wrap around corners and middle of side railings. Using craft knife, cut holes in one end of to rail to line up with vertical railing for mobile.

To make mobile: Use smallest bear from cutter set and brown fondant to cut 8 bears. Cut 4 ribbon strips 2 1/2 inches each. Place 1 bear face down; position ribbon on top; lightly brush second bear with water and press on top of first bear and ribbon. Repeat process for remaining 3 bears. Let dry. Pipe tip 1 diapers and facial features on bears. Use craft knife to cut 5 holes (1 in center bottom and 4 around sides) in large gumball. Cut 4 wooden dowel rods 3 inches long; cover with white florist tape; glue into side holes of large gumball with hot glue. Insert 12 in. wooden dowel rod into bottom hole of gumball and wrap with white florist tape; push into cake. Use hot glue to attach small gumballs to ends of 3 in. dowel rods and to attach bears on ribbons to small gumballs.

Roll out 3/8 in. diameter rope of fondant and wrap around bottom edge of railings. Randomly attach flowers.

Serves 68.


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