Nutty Tuna Salad

March 3, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

Crunchy offering from the sea
4 frozen Sara Lee Croissants
1 can (7 oz.) waterpack tuna, drained
3 tablespoons toasted, slivered almonds
1 green onion, sliced
1/3 cup salad dressing or mayonnaise
Lettuce leaves
2 hard cooked eggs, sliced
Alfalfa sprouts

Cut frozen croissants in half lengthwise; leave together. Heat frozen croissants on ungreased baking sheet in preheated 325°F. oven 9-11 minutes. Stir together tuna, almonds, onion and salad dressing. Line each croissant bottom half with lettuce. Top with 1/4 cup tuna mixture, egg slices and alfalfa sprouts. Replace croissant tops. Serve. Makes 4 servings.


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