Noah’s Ark Sighted

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4-pc. Oval Pan Set (16 x 12 3/8 in. pan used)
First and Ten Football Pan
Tips: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12
Tips: 13, 21
Tip: 80
Tip: 104
Wooden Dowel Rods
Cake Board
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Plastic Ruler
Brown, Royal Blue, Golden Yellow, Orange, Black, Pink Icing Colors
Meringue Powder
Buttercream Icing
Chocolate Buttercream
Royal Icing
Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Using royal icing, figure pipe (2 of each, of course!) Noah’s Creatures (see below). Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Using Chocolate Cookie recipe, cut out two each Ark Peaked Wall, Side Wall and Roof pieces. Imprint horizontal lines in dough at 1/2 in. intervals using edge of ruler. Bake and cool. Construct ark using royal icing and tip 5. Assemble walls, hold in position until icing sets. When walls seem sturdy, position roof pieces. Let set. Trim with tip 5 zigzags, let set completely.

Spatula ice 1-layer oval fluffy and prepare for stacked construction. Ice hull smooth and position on oval. Imprint hull with ruler edge for wooden effect. Position ark top, pipe tip 5 zigzags on top edge of hull. Add tip 3 portholes.

Spatula stripe bag with two shades of blue icing and white. Pipe tip 21 c-motion and e-motion waves. Position animals, attaching with dots of icing if necessary. Add message with tip 3.

Noah’s Creatures
Elephant – Pipe tip 12 ball head with pull-out trunk; add tip 104 ears. Add tip 3 dot eyes and pull-out tusks.

Lion – Pipe tip 10 ball head; add tip 3 dot cheeks, nose, ears. Pipe tip 2 dot mouth, eyes and pull-out mane. Add tip 1 dot eye centers, nose tip and pull-out whiskers.


Hippo – Using tip 12, pipe a ball; directly beneath, pipe a larger, elongated ball. Add tip 2 dot ears, nostrils, eyes and string mouth.

Bear – Pipe tip 12 ball head; add tip 8 dot snout, arms and elongated body. Add tip 5 dot ears, tip 2 dot eyes, tip 1 dot nose and string mouth.

Giraffe – Using tip 10, pipe a line for neck; tuck tip into top and pipe a shorter line for head. Add tip 2 dot spots, ears, eyes, and mouth and pull-out mane.


Pig – Pipe tip 12 line for body; pipe tip 8 ball head, tuck tip 3 into sides and add pull-out legs and snout. Add tip 1 dot eyes and nostrils; add tip 80 ears.


Sheep – Pipe tip 12 line for body; pipe tip 8 ball head. Cover with tip 13 stars. Add tip 80 ears and tip 2 dot and string facial features.

Bird – Pipe tip 4 pull-out bead for body. Add tip 3 dot head and pull-out wings. Add tip 1 dot eyes and pull-out beak.

Snake – Using tip 3, pipe a wavy string body, building up pressure slightly at head area. Add tip 1 dot eyes.

Mouse – Pipe tip 4 bead body; add tip 2 string tail and ears, dot eyes.

Serves 34.


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