McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito

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Description This has been a long standard of McDonalds. You can enjoy this taste at home.
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1 lb. Rolled Pork Sausage (mild)
1/2 C. Yellow Onion (diced)
1/4 C. Fresh Tomatoes (diced)
1 Tbsp. Green Chili’s (diced those in a can)
10 – 12 CT Pkg. Flour Tortillas Shells (8″-9″ diameter)
9 Eggs ( 2 cups)
10 – 12 Slices American Cheese
Favorite Taco Sauce or Picante Sauce.
Crumble and fry pork sausage, stir and separate meat so it will fry in small little pieces. Remove from heat drain and rinse with hot water, drain water from sausage. Place drained sausage in fry pan add onion, green chili’s and tomatoes, heat on medium temperature just until sausage and vegetables are heated through, stir frequently.

Measure 2 cups of eggs and beat. In large fry pan scramble eggs as usual. Before eggs are completely cooked add 1/2 cup sausage mixture and stir. When cooked remove from heat. Cover and store the sausage that is not used and refrigerate. It will keep for several days for your next breakfast. In the middle of one flour tortilla shell place one slice of cheese in the middle. Spoon one – two tablespoons of the egg mixture and roll up the shell. Place on platter and cover with plastic and pop in microwave just long enough to heat and melt cheese. Serve with your favorite taco or Picante sauce. You will find these are milder and relay great for breakfast. I like to place sour cream and little avocado in mine.


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