Make your own pastry decorating bag

March 3, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
  • Figure 1: Cut 12-inch squares of kitchen parchment paper or other grease-proof, strong paper (a clean grocery bag will do). Cut the squares in half from corner to corner to make triangles.
  • Figure 2: Hold a triangle in left hand with thumb in center of wide side of triangle; point of triangle is pointing way from you. Bring corners A and C up to corner B.
  • Figure 3: Firmly hold points down into the cone, opening it at the top. Snip off the bottom tip, making a hole for a decorating tip. To insert decorating tip, drop in from top of cone and wiggle through hole.
  • Figure 4: Spoon decorating frosting into cone, making sure to get frosting all the way into the bottom; fill cone two-thirds full with frosting. Fold over and flatten top, making corners D and E.
  • Figure 5: Fold corners D and E down toward center.
  • Figure 6: Fold top down and over. Now you’re ready to decorate.


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