In Full Blossom

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Tremendous roses emerge against a subtle gold backdrop. Petite floral clusters and draping garlands balance the look, taking these tiers to new heights of refinement.

10 in. Square Pan
6 in. Round Pan
Tips: 2, 2A
Tips: 30, 31
Tip: 125
Tips: 129, 224, 225
Tips: 349, 352
8 in. Round Separator Plate
7 in. Disposable Pillars with Rings (1 set)
Cake Dividing Set
Flower Nail No. 7
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Ornament: Any Anniversary Couple – Ivory
Floral Base
Golden Yellow, Willow Green Icing Colors
Ice and prepare 2-layer cakes for push-in pillar construction

Using royal icing, make 24 large tip 125 roses with tip 2A bases. Make drop flowers: 80 tip 129, 90 tip 224, 80 tip 225. Add tip 2 dot centers. Let dry.

6 in. Round: Using Cake Dividing Set, divide cake into 6ths. Using tip 30, pipe top shell border; add an elongated shell at each division mark. Position drop flowers on elongated shell and add tip 349 leaves. Pipe tip 31 bottom border. Add tip 2 zigzag scallop above each shell.

10 in. Square: Divide each side into thirds. Position a drop flower garland 2 inches deep in each section. Add tip 349 leaves. Pipe tip 2 double drop string above flower garland (approx. 3/4 in. and 1 in. deep). Add tip 2 scalloped zigzag below flower garland. Add tip 31 border. Pipe tip 31 bottom border; position roses and add tip 352 leaves.

Ornament: Attach drop flowers to Floral Base with dots of icing. Add tip 349 leaves.

At reception, assemble tiers, position Floral Base and ornament.

Serves 50.


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