Hearts United

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14 x 2 in. Heart Pan
Embossed Heart Pan
Tips: 2, 3
Tip: 2B
Tip: 352
Tip: 364
4-Pc. Candy Colors Kit (Orange needed)
Wooden Dowel Rods
Cake Board
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Photo cut to fit heart opening (cover with plastic wrap)
Creamy Peach, Moss Green Icing Colors
Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant (3 pkgs. Needed)
Candy Melts, White (1 bag needed)
Buttercream Icing
Candy Clay Recipe
Using Candy Clay*, make 18 medium 5-petal roses and 24 rosebuds. Let set.

Prepare 1-layer Heart and Embossed Heart cakes for rolled fondant and stacked construction. For Embossed Heart: Pipe tip 2B smooth side band around bottom edge. Trim band with tip 3 bead border; add tip 2 dots. Place photo on cake.

For 14 1/2 in. Heart: Pipe tip 364 shell bottom border. In 2 in. divisions, pipe tip 3 double and triple drop strings. Pipe tip 3 teardrop bead at each point of garland.

Position roses and rosebuds; pipe tip 352 leaves.

*Hint: For ease in tinting candy, add candy color immediately after candy is melted and before corn syrup is added.

Serves 35.


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