Good As Gold

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Their long life together deserves a tribute that’s brilliant and grand. Our rose-covered sheet will definitely do for a love that has lasted and seen them through.

6 x 3 in. Round Pan
11 x 15 in. Sheet Pans
Tips: 3, 12
Tips: 17, 19, 21
Tips: 102, 103, 104
Flower Nail No. 7
Gold Artificial Leaves (12 Large, 36 Small)
Cake Boards
Tuk ‘N Ruffle
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Dowel Rods
Ornament: 50 Years of Happiness
Golden Yellow Icing Color
You’ll need 35 roses-make 5 with tips 12 and 104; 10 with tips 12 and 103; 20 with tips 12 and 102. Also make 16 tip 104 rosebuds and 12 half roses.

Ice 2-layer sheet and 3 in. deep round cakes smooth and prepare them for stacked construction.

Write tip 3 message on side. Edge cake tops with reverse shell borders-tip 17 on 6 in. and tip 19 on sheet. Edge bases with shell borders-tip 17 between cakes and tip 21 at base of sheet.

Position roses on top and at base of sheet. Attach leaves with dots of icing.

At party, place 50 Years of Happiness.

Serves 90.


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