Garden Gazebo

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

14 in. Square Pan
8 x 3 in. Round Pan
Tips: 16, 21
Tip: 46
25th Silver Anniversary Designer Couple
10 in. Decorator Preferred Separator Plates (2 needed)
6 1/2 in. Arched Pillars (4 needed)
Gazebo Cake Kit
Filigree Heart Frame
Small Doves (1 pk. needed)
3 1/4 in. Romantic Heart Base
Plastic Dowel Rods
Cake Boards
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Hot glue gun
Fresh non-toxic or silk flowers and ivy
Buttercream Icing
Ice 1-layer round and 2-layer square cakes smooth and prepare for pillar construction. Decorate both tiers the same: Cover sides with tip 46 smooth side up lattice. Pipe tip 16 shell top borders and tip 21 shell bottom borders. Assemble with pillars and attach gazebo pieces following the package instructions. Hot glue doves to filigree heart; glue heart to top of Romantic Heart Base (use only top of base). Arrange fresh flowers and vines; position on cake. Position couple.

Serves 64.


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