Fair & Square

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

12 in. Square Pans
Tip: 3
Tips: 70, 349
Tips: 131, 224
Tip: 32
Cake Boards
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Kissing Lovebirds
Golden Yellow, Violet, Moss Green Icing Colors
Buttercream Icing
Using stiffened buttercream (or royal) icing, make 230 drop flowers-80 with tip 137, 150 with tip 224. Add tip 3 dot centers.

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth. Dot mark cake sides into 4ths. At marks, pipe upright columns-tip 32 on corners and on sides. Connect columns with tip 3 double drop strings.

Edge top with tip 70 shell motion ruffle border. Write tip 3 message. Position Kissing Lovebirds. Arrange flowers on top, sides and at base. Trim with tip 349 leaves.

Serves 40.


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