Every Year’s A Gift

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

10 x 2 Square Pan
Tips: 1, 2A
Flower Spikes
Easy-Glide Smoothers
Cake Board
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Nesting Heart Cutter Set
Decorator Brush Set
Heavy gauge florist wire
Waxed paper
Kelly Green, Lemon Yellow, Rose, Violet Icing Colors
Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant (5 pks. needed)
Buttercream Icing
A week ahead, knead 2 pks. fondant together, divide in 4ths and color green, violet, rose and yellow. Cut 16 bow loops 9 in. x 1 1/2 in. wide. Brush a small amount of water on the end, fold the length in half to form a loop. Pinch ends together to secure. Cut 96 dots using the small opening top tip 2A. Attach 6 dots to each loop with water. Set loops on sides to dry. Cut out gift tag and let dry.

Prepare 2-layer cake by icing lightly in buttercream icing. Knead 2 pks. fondant together, roll 1/8 in. thick and cover cake in fondant. Smooth with Easy-Glide Fondant Smoothers. Cut four 9 x 1 1/2 in. ribbons, 1 of each color, and attach to cake with damp brush. Cut 20 dots using the small opening to tip 2A. Attach 5 dots to each ribbon with a damp brush. Cut 20 dots using the small opening to tip 2A. Attach 5 dots to each ribbon with a damp brush. Combine the leftover fondant with 1 pk. of fondant, knead together, roll out and cut approximately 50 hearts in each size using the 2 smallest cutters. Attach small hearts on top of large hearts with dots of water and randomly attach to cake with a damp brush. Roll approximately 60 marble size balls out of fondant and attach to bottom border.

Make 5 hearts on wires: Cut 9 in. wire lengths. Stack small and large hearts and secure with water. Attach wire to back of heart with small piece of fondant. Let dry. Position flower spike in center of cake. Twist ends of heart wires together, and place in spike. Arrange bow loops on cake top, securing wit dots of buttercream icing. Write tip 1 message on gift tag in buttercream icing; position on cake top.

Serves 24.


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