Enchiladas Mexican Style

November 14, 2020  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

you need
corn tortillas, at least 1 lg.
can enchilada sauce
grated Colby cheese (it’s the best for flavor and melting)
fine chopped onion
sliced or black olives
shredded chicken or beef or cheese
also a large baking pan.


Put sauce in an sauce pan and WARM it do not boil, dip a tortilla into sauce so it is completely covered. Put onto a dinner size plate one one half put cheese, a little onion, then your meat of choice or lots of cheese and some black olives. Roll the enchilada put into pan starting at one end lining them up then start the next row til pan is full. pour remaining sauce (may require a 2nd can of sauce) onto the enchiladas in the pan. put into 350* oven about 15 minutes. Then add more Colby cheese on top and serve the cheese onto will melt into the hot enchiladas. Sometimes I add green onion tops chopped for added color. Also you can use ground beef or chicken. Usually 2 per son or a heavy eater will eat 3 of them. I learned this from my neighbor in Arizona.


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