Each Year A Treasure

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Bake and cool cakes. Trim off raised center heart from embossed heart cake. Tint 1 1/2 packages of fondant and prepare cake for rolled fondant.

Roll out remaining fondant and use gum paste cutters to make: 60 baby’s breath, 50 apple blossoms, 45 forget-me-nots and 30 pansies (make extra to allow for breakage). Let dry on flower formers. When dry, use buttercream icing to pipe center dots: tip 1s on baby’s breath, tip 2 on apple blossoms and pansies, tip 1 on forget-me-nots.

Position 6 in. heart on embossed heart cake. Pipe tip 21 shell border on 6 in. heart. Pipe tip 16 zigzag puff bottom border on embossed heart. Add pearl beading.

Position flowers, trim with tip 349 leaves, tip 1 dots and tip 1 string tendrils. Add topper and remaining flowers.

Serves 16.

*Remove pearls before cutting and serving.


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