Duckling Cookies

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

Duck Cookie Cutter
Disposable Decorating Bags
Cooling Grid
Cookie Sheet
2 sheets waxed paper
FoodWriter™! Edible Color Markers
Color Flow Mix
Orange Colored Sugar
Lemon Yellow Icing Color
1 roll sugar cookie dough of your choice
Empty cookie dough roll onto sheet of wax paper. Roll out contents to approximately 1/4 inch in thickness. Apply Duck Cookie Cutter to dough and place duck cut-outs on baking sheet. Bake according to instructions on cookie dough package. After baking, place on cooling grids.

To Decorate:

Set the cookies on a cooling grid over a cookie sheet to catch the icing drippings. Using a disposable decorating bag, cover the cookies with thinned Color Flow Icing. (Follow instructions on Color Flow can to make the icing, and tint as desired.) Let set for 10 minutes and then remove to a waxed paper-covered surface to dry completely. Let dry overnight.

Once dry, add finishing touches to the cookies with FoodWriter™! Edible Color Markers. You can also pipe a little icing on the beak and cover with orange sugar.


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