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Prepare gum paste mix following instructions on package. Make gum paste flowers and leaves following instructions in book (included in kit). Using medium and large rose cutters, make roses on wires: 3 full-size (7 petal), 4 medium (5 petal), 4 small (buds). Snip wires close to blooms, then attach calyx. Using baby’s breath cutter, make 60 lily of the valley blooms. Using small and large leaf cutters, make 12 small and 18 large leaves; dust flower formers with cornstarch and position leaves to dry. When all flowers and leaves are completely dry, dust with pastel chalk. Using a tea strainer, make a powder by grating chalk sticks. Mix the powder with a small amount of cornstarch and brush on flowers and leaves.

Make scroll: Tint half package of fondant; roll out and cut rectangle approximately 11 x 17 in. Imprint message press and trace numbers on scroll. Dust dowel rods with cornstarch and roll opposite corners. Let dry overnight. When dry, slide dowel rods out and dust edges with pastel chalk as above.

Lightly ice 1-layer cake in buttercream icing. Partially need icing color into 2 packages of fondant to marbleize; cover cake with fondant.

Position scroll on cake top, add tip 3 message. Pipe tip 364 bottom shell border. Attach flowers and leaves with tip 3 dots of buttercream; pipe tip 1 stamens in lily of valley blooms. Position ornament.

Serves 20.


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