Crock Pot Chicken And Dumplings


1 cut up chicken
1 pkg. chicken bouillon cubes
Onions and carrots
1 sm. pkg. Bisquick mix


Wash chicken; drain on paper towels and place in pot. Add 3 cups water and 3 bouillon cubes. Cut up 3 or 4 carrots (large pieces), also 4 or 5 small onions. Place these in crock pot at noon on low. Cook for about 6 hours. Turn pot on high and add flour mix (2 tablespoons flour mixed with 1/2 cup water, shake together in a jar). Pour into pot and mix. This should thicken gravy. Use more flour and water if necessary. Cook on high for 15 minutes. Make dumplings from Bisquick mix recipe. Put dumplings in pot and keep covered on high until cooked. Crock pot cooking is slower and it may take longer than an additional 15 minutes.


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