Company Cheese Ball

January 14, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
Description Do the thoughts of cheese balls that stay fresh for over a year scare you? You can make this one up fresh!

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1 (8 oz.) pkg. Cream Cheese
1 small jar dried Beef
2 Tbsp. Chives or Chopped Green Onions
1 Tbsp. Worchestshire sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Allow cream cheese to reach room temperature. Remove meat from jar and rinse in cool tap water and pat dry. Some dried meat is very salty.
Chop dried meat until fine. Mix together cream cheese, chives, or green onions, half of the chopped meat, and all remaining ingredients. Mix well, and when well mixed form into a ball. Chill for 15 minutes, and then coat ball with the remaining chopped meat. This tastes better if it is allowed to set overnight.


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