Christmas Cottage

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For many American families, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the familiar gingerbread house decorated with cookies and candies. Making a candy-covered house is one of the most popular of holiday traditions, especially in Germany. Origins of this tradition go back to the Brothers Grimm who wrote “Hansel and Gretel” in the 1800’s. In this enchanting fairy tale, two poor woodcutter’s children are lured into the forest by an old witch who has built a gingerbread house and covered it with candy, cookies and icing. The story of the edible cottage has been retold in plays, songs and operas and it continues to be a favorite of children today, especially at Christmas when many families make their own gingerbread houses.

A festive and edible version of this Christmas “gingerbread” tradition is as easy as one-two-three when you use a Sara Lee Family-Size Pound Cake and decorations found in most family kitchens.

Here’s how Sara Lee can help you carry on this Christmas tradition with your family.

1 package (7.2 oz.) fluffy white frosting mix
1 Sara Lee Family Size Pound Cake, frozen
12 large gumdrops, cut in thirds
Small round candies
2 squares of milk chocolate bar
1 small square cookie
1 large marshmallow
Chocolate decorettes

Prepare frosting according to package directions. (Use to “glue,” frost and trim house.) Cut pound cake according to illustration “A.” Place roof pieces together, using frosting for “glue.” Place roof on base according to illustration “B.” Frost house, then decorate using cut gumdrops for shingle roof, candies for trim, chocolate squares for windows and cookie for door. Use cake decorator OR make small decorator bag by forming a cone from waxed paper; cut off tip and use cone to form icicles. To make chimney, dip top and bottom of marshmallow in frosting, then dip top in chocolate decorettes. Place on roof. Makes 8-10 servings.


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