Chocolate Fondant

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This icing is rolled out and used as a covering for a firm cake such as pound or fruit cake, which is traditionally first covered with a layer of marzipan to seal in flavor and moistness of the cake. A light layer of buttercream or apricot glaze may also be used. Cakes covered with rolled fondant can be decorated with Royal or Buttercream Icing.


*Brand confectionery coating

Melt Candy Melts® following package directions. Add corn syrup; stir to blend.

Turn out mixture onto waxed paper; let stand at room temperature to dry and harden several hours. Wrap well and store at room temperature until ready to continue with recipe.

Knead small portions of candy mixture until soft and pliable. Knead softened mixture into fondant until smooth and evenly colored.

If darker color is desired, knead in icing color.


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