Chocolate Covered Oreo

December 3, 2020  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
Ritz round crackers or a off brand is ok also.
Creamy peanut butter

Chocolate Almond bark squares

My girls liked to make these and they make wonderful gifts at Christmas for teachers! Take two crackers and make a sandwich out of them with peanut butter in the middle do not add to much just enough to put the crackers together and not have it oozing out the sides. Make as many of these cracker sandwiches as you want. Then melt almond bark in microwave safe bowl , it does not take long I usually put 2-3 squares in a bowl and put in micro for one min. and continue to do this until you can stir it well in soft state. Don’t over heat it.
Take a sandwich and set it into melted bark. Use a fork and flip it over and lift it out of bowl and give it a shake and let excess coating drip off. Set it onto a cookie sheet that has wax paper on it. Let cool and set. If you are in a hurry just set into fridge or freezer for a few min. and will set right up.

To give as a gift collect a old tin or container put cup cake paper liners in container and set 2 sandwiches in each cup cake paper. Hint you can also use other flavors of almond bark like white and butterscotch. When you put these in a tin they look really nice with mixed colors.

Another hint is to also take a ziplock sandwich bag melt some white almond bark in it. Cut the tip of bag off in a corner and then drizzle white bark over chocolate bark covered cracker. looks pretty.

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