Chocolate Cake Balls

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1 box cake mix
1 container frosting
1- 24 oz package of almond bark or confectioner’s coating
wax paper
colored candy melts, butterscotch or peanut butter chips (optional for drizzle)
ake cake according to package directions in any size cake pan.
Remove cake from oven and immediately dump into a large bowl.

Use a fork to break up the cake into crumbs.

Add the entire container of frosting to the bowl and combine it with the cake. Stir until completely combined.
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.

Roll cake mixture into balls and place on cookie sheet.

Place cookie sheet into refrigerator for 2 hours to allow balls to chill.

After balls have chilled, remove cookie sheet from the refrigerator and place on counter.

In a medium bowl or 4 cup glass measuring cup, melt half of the package of almond bark chocolate. Follow melting directions on the back of the package. (Only use half the package to begin with as the mixture will begin to thicken as it cools.)

Stir the chocolate until smooth. Using a spoon add a cake ball to the melted chocolate and turn to coat.

Remove with spoon and replace on chilled wax paper on cookie sheet.

Repeat for all cake balls, adding and melting more chocolate when level gets low.

As an option you can drizzle melted chocolate chips or candy melts across the tops.

Variations: Try different cake mixes, frostings and coatings. Strawberry cake, vanilla frosting and a white chocolate coating would make a lovely spring dessert. Try confetti white cake, white frosting and white chocolate coating drizzled with pink, yellow, light blue and light green tinted drizzle for a baby shower. Cherry cake with pink frosting and chocolate coating would make a delicious birthday treat!

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Reprinted with permission fromĀ Amanda’s Cookin’


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