Cherry Chocolate Mice

December 2, 2020  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
1 cup chocolate chips (I always use Ghirardelli Bittersweet)
3 cups chocolate cookie crumbs, DIVIDED *SEE NOTE
1 tsp espresso powder
2/3 cup sour cream
1 (10 oz.) jar of maraschino cherries w/ stems, drained and set to dry on paper towels
slivered almonds
Wilton Red Cookie Icing
Melt the chocolate chips, either in the microwave or on the stove top. Stir until smooth.
In a medium sized bowl, mix the melted chocolate, 2 cups of the cookie crumbs, espresso powder and sour cream. When completely combined, chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Make the mice: Take some of the crumb mixture and roll it into a ball the size of a walnut. Continue doing this until you’ve used all of it. You should end up with 15 or 16 balls.

Take a ball and flatten it in your palm, then take a cherry, pointing the stem out of the flattened disk (for the tail).

Shape the dough around the cherry, using your fingers to shape it into a teardrop mouse shape; the warmth of your hands will allow you to sculpt it around the cherryand be sure to leave the cherry stem sticking out the back. Set aside, and do this with the rest of the balls of cookie crumb mixture.

Roll each mouse in the remaining cookie crumbs for that “fuzzy mouse” look. Poke 2 slivered almonds in at the front for “devil horns,” and decorate them with a bit of the red cookie icing. I also used the red cookie icing in small dabs for the eyes and mouth.

Chill in the fridge, and store any leftovers in the fridge. as well.

It took 6 cups of cookies to get 3 cups of crumbs. You can spend a small fortune on the chocolate cookie wafers or use chocolate animal crackers, or even chocolate graham crackers.

When working the dough around the cherry, don’t get discouraged. Like I said, as you work it, the warmth from your hands and fingers will soften it up and allow you to close any gaps and work it into the right shape.
Your hands will get messy, but that’s part of the fun, and clean up is a breeze.

The mice are nice and fudgy and there’s a nice burst of flavor from the cherry.

Don’t forget about these at Christmastime! Just use sliced almonds instead of slivered for the ears–no devil horns. I also think you could use white chocolate and light colored cookies for white mice.

Reprinted with permission from Elle’s New England Kitchen


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