Caesar Salad

April 6, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

1-2 good sized heads romaine lettuce
2-3 inches anchovie paste (squeezed from a tube, probably 1-2 Tbsp)
3-5 cloves garlic, or to taste
1 egg, coddled
4-5 shakes Worcestershire sauce
fresh ground black pepper
1 lemon
olive oil
2-3 handfuls fresh grated parmesan cheese

Wash the lettuce thoroughly. Spin dry. Start heating up a small pan of water.

Squeeze some anchovie paste into a large wooden salad bowl. Press a couple of garlic cloves in. With a spoon, smear the anchovie/garlic paste mix around the bottom/sides of the bowl.

By now the water should be boiling. Drop in a room-temp raw egg, wait 60 seconds. Remove from the water and crack the egg into the salad bowl.

Salt and pepper the egg, shake in some Worcestershire sauce. Whisk it all together.

Ream the juice of one lemon into the bowl. (Again, more or less to taste). Whisk some more.

Add olive oil in little spurts, whisking between spurts, until you get the right consistency — the oil doesn’t bead up after being whisked, but it isn’t too watery either. Taste-test on a lettuce leaf, it helps.

Add the cheese, reserving a little for later, whisk some more. Taste test again.

Tear the lettuce leaves, drop into the dressing. Toss all together. Add croutons, toss again, sprinkle with a little bit of decorative


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