Breakfast Quesadillas

March 3, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
1 cup chredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup Lockhart sausage, heated and casing removed
1/3 cup chopped and seeded tomateos
1/4 cup chopped onnion
4 Flour Tortillas

Preheat over to 325 degrees F.

Combine shredded cheeses in bowl. Separately, combine sausage, tomato and green onion.
Heat tortillas according to package directions. Divide both cheese and sausage mixtures into fourths and place on top half of each tortilla. Fold tortillas in half over filling and then in half again. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bak 6-8 minutes or until edges of tortillas are light golden brown and cheese is melted.

Makes 4 quesidillas.


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