Baby Go Round

March 19, 2021  Online Recipe Guide Avatar

Our Newborn Baby Figurines are getting into everything-swinging from the tallest tier, climbing on top of blocks and taking the rocking horses for a spin.

6, 8, 12 x 2 in. Round Pans
Mini Stand-Up Bear Set
Tips: 3, 5
Tips: 13, 16, 18,
8 in., 14 in. Plates from Tall Tier Cake Stand
6 1/2 in. Column from Tall Tier Cake Stand
Top Column Cap Nut from Tall Tier Cake Stand
Bottom Column Bolt from Tall Tier Cake Stand
Glue-On Plate Legs (6 needed)
7 3/4 in. Column
Cake Corer Tube
Cake Dividing Set
Baby Blocks Set
Newborn Baby Figurines (3 pks.)
Rocking Horses (1 pk.)
Plastic Dowel Rods
1/8 in. wide pink and blue satin ribbon (2 yards each)
Hot glue gun
Rose, Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, Brown, Black Icing Colors
Rubber Ducky Icing Decorations
Baby Icing Decorations
Buttercream Icing
White hollow-centered candy
Glue legs to bottom of 14 in. plate and set aside.

Trim right arm off mini bear cake. Ice smooth inside of ears and footpads. Using tip 3, outline mouth and pipe-in nose and eyes (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Cover bear with tip 13 stars. Position rattle icing decoration and overpipe hand with tip 13 stars.

Ice smooth 2-layer 12 in. cake (3 in. high) and 1-layer 6 and 8 in. cakes. Prepare 12 and 8 in. cakes for center column and stacked construction. Place 6 in. cake on 6 in. board; do not place cake on plate until you assemble the cake stand. Divide 12 in. and 6 in. cakes into 12ths, 8 in. cake into 16ths. On 12 in. cake, pipe blocks with tip 18 stars starting at each division point; attach icing decorations at centers with dots of icing. On 8 in. cake, pipe tip 16 star top and bottom borders; on 6 in. cake, pipe star top border. Pipe diagonal lines with tip 13 stars connecting division points on cake sides, to resemble a drum. Pipe tip 5 ball at each point.

Cut ribbons in 20 in. lengths. Attach hollow-centered candy at center of each ribbon with icing. Thread ribbon through scallop holes in top plate, spacing evenly around plate, every 3 or 4 scallops. Attach baby figurine to each candy, horse and baby block with icing. To assemble cake, screw together 6 1/2 and 7 3/4 in. columns and attach through center of cake to bottom column bolt. Position 8 in. plate at top and place top column bolt, then place 6 in. cake and pipe tip 16 star bottom border. Position horses and blocks. Position bear cake; attach ducky icing decoration.

Serves 72.


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