Autumn delight pumpkin cake

December 2, 2020  Online Recipe Guide Avatar
7 egg whites
170 grams sugar
140 grams flour
200 grams pumpkin
100g chopped walnuts
50 g chopped chocolate
7 egg yolks
250 g sugar
1 vanilla sugar
200 g pumpkin
250 g butter
1 instant gelatin 

Cut the pumpkin into slices and cook it in small amount of water. Blend.
Beat the egg whites, add sugar and continue to mix, then slowly add the flour, chopped walnuts and chocolate and finally add pumpkin puree. Pour the mixture on the pan. Bake at low heat for about 30 min.
Blend the yolks with sugar, vanilla sugar and cook the cream on steam. Add pumpkin puree and instant gelatin. In cold cream add well processed butter.


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