A Perfect Fit!

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To cut cake board, position pans side-by-side on board; trace. Leave 1/2 in. extra space around tracing mark and cut. Wrap with foil.

Tint fondant: 1/2 pk. each brown, yellow, red, rose and black, 1 1/2 pks. copper. Prepare 1-layer cakes for rolled fondant; cover and smooth. Using patterns, cut out fondant mouths. Use large opening of tip 2A to cut out cheeks. Roll small balls of fondant for noses. Roll logs, 1 1/2 in. long, for eyes, with small strands for lashes. Cut various size strips of yellow and brown fondant for hair; curl yellow strips around wooden dowel rod. Attach all fondant with brush dipped in water. Using three smallest heart cutters, cut red and rose hearts. Using smallest heart cutter, cut a heart cheek for man. Position hearts around cakes.

Serves 40.


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