A Decade Of Devotion

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Tint 1/4 fondant yellow, 1/8 green; reserve remainder white. In advance, using rolled fondant and ejector set, make the following: 300 yellow blossoms, 180 white blossoms; both with tip 1 buttercream dot centers. Make 180 green leaves. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth and prepare forĀ stacked construction. Dust fondant mold with cornstarch; press fondant into mold to make 6 planters and 3 braid borders.

With dots of icing, attach planters to sides of cake. Attach 1/2 of each fondant braid for basket handles. Pipe tip 3 bead top and bottom borders. Pipe tip 6 icing mound inside baskets and position flowers and leaves. Attach flowers and leaves at top and base of round cake and at corners and border of hexagon cake. Position ornament. Write tip 2 message. Print tip 3 number; overpipe with tip 1 zigzag.

Serves 32.


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